I have built an application that uses Salesforce to Salesforce and have written test cases for the application. I do not determine how to create a test case to simulate a connection. Below is a streamlined example of the code I would like to write a test case for.

 public Id getConnectionId(String connectionName) {

 List<PartnerNetworkConnection> partnerNetConList =
                [Select id from PartnerNetworkConnection where connectionStatus =  'Accepted' and connectionName = :connectionName];

     return partnerNetConList.get(0).Id; }

Many Thanks for your Help!


You'll need to use a mockResponse using setContinuationResponse(requestLabel, mockResponse). See setMock(interfaceType, instance) from the Apex Code Developer's Guide for more on the subject. If you search, you'll find plenty of sample code.

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