I have a partner community. I created users with the partner user license but I don't know if and how to allow them access to the Forecast tab. Is this at all possible? Where can I find documentation about the Partner User capabilities?

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Partner portal or community users will not have access to the Forecast tab .However there opportunities still can roll up and show as hierarchy for only collaborative forecasting type .

You can find more info in the below document link


Your users need have to have allow forecasting checkbox checked to allow their opportunities to roll up

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Opportunities that a partner portal user creates can roll up to the forecast of the accountowner;

note that the account owner must be the person’s forecast manager in the forecast hierarchy for the opportunities to roll up into the forecast.

For example, say Gordon Johnson: • Owns a partner account called Acme

• Has an Acme contact named Anne Smith

• Anne is a partner portal user

• Anne reports to Gordon in the forecasts hierarchy

If Anne adds opportunities in her portal, Gordon sees those opportunities in his forecast; because Gordon is Anne’s forecast manager, Gordon can adjust forecast amounts based on her opportunities and see how she’s tracking against her quota.

However, it’s important to note that partner portal users don’t have access to the Collaborative Forecasts tab or any of its functionality.

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