I have a Connected App in Org A, which is used to let their users log into Community B in Org B. The registration handler works fine, but only the OAuth scopes inside the Connected App are not considered.

Here are my settings in Org A's Connected App (yes, I waited more than 10 minutes to be sure). It includes "Access and Manage your Chatter data":

OAuth Scopes for Connected App

This is what users are presented when logging to the Community B, coming from Org A through the Connected App. It only shows "Access your basic information":

OAuth Scopes shown to user

So.... maybe it is just not presented to the user, but in the background I could use the AccessToken to access some Chatter data? Unfortunately, also here it says that I am missing one of the three required OAuth scopes to do this:

REST Client return 401 Unauthorized when trying to access the Chatter Endpoint

Am I missing some setting, or don't I understand the concept behind Connected Apps and OAuth scopes?


The OAuth scopes you select in your Connected App only define which ones your Connected App is allowed to request - you still have to actually request them to be able to use them.

You can change the default scopes requested in your Authentication Provider. You'll want to add chatter_api at the very least to achieve what you want.

  • that worked! I must have missed that point in the docs, thank you! – Nisse Knudsen May 21 '15 at 12:59

Doesn't look like your changes fully replicated. Has it corrected itself yet?

  • The answer from Alex Tennant did the trick! Thanks for following up :) – Nisse Knudsen May 22 '15 at 17:57

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