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Copying metadata and code from one Production org to another

Quick Question.

I'm trying to deploy an entire org.'s metadata into a new one, specifically its sandbox, but that shouldn't matter. When I deploy I am met with all types of errors, like this field does not exist.

Can anyone help with this? Is there an order of operations I should take that would allow it deploy?

Should I alternatively use an "Unmanaged Package?"

Only catch there is there is a lot of Person Accounts which for some reason is not supported in packages. Could you provide a workaround?


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First, do you have Person Accounts enabled in the new org? If not there will be fields missing that will break your deployment. Salesforce support must enable Person Accounts (see the Implementation Guide for details.)

I've done a large deployment with the Migration Tool where I deployed custom fields, objects, page layouts, roles, profiles, and workflows all at once (we built a new org in a sandbox and then deployed it.) We then went back and built up reports, Apex and Visualforce second.

  • Oh, this is great. No I don't believe that person accounts were enabled when I attempted. I'll enable them and retry. – Bigtobydog Jan 24 '13 at 20:22
  • So can you provide an order of operations? I'm seeing custom fields, objects, page layouts, roles, profiles, and workflows all at once AND THEN deploy Apex, Visualforce and reports? – Bigtobydog Jan 24 '13 at 20:24
  • You might be able to get them all at once, but that was my order of operations. – Mike Chale Jan 25 '13 at 1:32

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