I defined a new cutstom object in Salesforce named: file_Uploaded__c with many fields like File_Name, file_Size , ... but i don't know how to restrict actions like delete or edit based on the User profile: for example if the connected user has a System administrator profile he can edit and delete the records of my custom object, but if he has Marketing User profile he can only view the records of the object without deleting or editing it.


If you are using EE editions and up you can go to Setup-->Administer-->Manage Users-->Profiles--> select the appropriate profile that you want to make changes--> Press on the edit button on the top middle and scroll down (see the image below and check the appropriate checkbox)

enter image description here

Hope this will help you.

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  • thanks for the answer. What i found the option in Setup-->Administer-->Manage Users-->Profiles. Then i choose a profile and i select Object Settings and then i give the permissions i want
    – ihssan
    May 18 '15 at 11:39

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