First, is it possible to create a custom object without using Metadata SOAP API ? As per my reading until now it is not possible.

I know for a fact, one can create ApexTrigger using REST API. Since I want to keep using REST API for all my operations, is it possible to create a custom setting such that it supports getUpdated() and getDeleted() methods which happens when 'repliceatable' field is true for objects ?

  • possible duplicate of Creating a custom object using REST API – Daniel Ballinger May 17 '15 at 19:36
  • Not really. The real question is how to create a custom-setting similar to a custom object such that getUpdated() and getDeleted() REST APIs work on the custom-setting? – user1986059 May 18 '15 at 4:46
  • Do you mean custom setting data records of the metadata/custom object description ? – Samuel De Rycke May 18 '15 at 7:50
  • Custom settings are similar to custom objects as per my reading. I want to know if I can create Custom Settings using REST API ? I know for a fact, custom objects are created using metadata API only which is in SOA Protocol. Is it the case with Custom Settings too? – user1986059 May 18 '15 at 9:16

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