The cmd for the Dataloader is telling me the "Field mapping is invalid", even though the sdl file was built in the Apex dataloader tool. I have triple checked the mappings and there's nothing woring with them.

I am a full system admin and have read/write access to every field on the custom object, so am a little confused.

Other things I have tried which made no difference: -Deleted unmatched columns in the csv -Checked to make sure there were no white spaces in the sdl file -Used field labels to map rather than the API label -Have tried versions 20.0 and 33.0 of the dataloader

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You must be getting field name in error message, Check that the field quoted directly after the error message is:

  1. Visible to the profile being used by the user signed in to the Data Loader: check the field level security; if it worked in sandbox and not in production, check the differences between sandbox and production's profiles and field level security
  2. Not deleted
  3. Spelled correctly in the .sdl file
  • Add a missed reason, wrong sfdc.entity in process-conf.xml will cause field mapping invalid problem.
    – Hao Liu
    Jul 13, 2015 at 8:27

Stupid mistake in the end. I hadn't changed the object name in the xml file!!


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