I can create lead via salesforce php api toolkit , by my client said every lead should be associated with a campaign , and he gave me a campaign id . The campaign id is similar to something like this "701g0000000Irtl" . I tried something like this

 $records = array();
 $records[0] = new stdclass();
 $records[0]->FirstName= $user_first_name;
 $records[0]->LastName= $user_last_name;
 $records[0]->Email= $user_email;
 $records[0]->Company= 'MYCompany';
 $records[0]->PostalCode= $current_user_zip;
 $records[0]->Newsletter_Signup__c= $news_letter_sign_up;
 $records[0]->Campaign= "701g0000000Irtl";
 $response = $mySforceConnection_enterprise->create($records, 'Lead');

But it doesn't a crate a lead with a campign id . But If I remove the line $records[0]->Campaign= "701g0000000Irtl"; It works fine , it create a lead in salesforce without any campaign associated with it .


Try using "Campaign_ID" instead of "Campaign" And don't forget to include "member_status" to give the campaign member, well, a status.

  • I tried the "Campaign_ID" , but it gives an error "No such column 'Campaign_ID' on entity 'Lead'. " May 12 '15 at 3:57
  • Try "CampaignID"? That's all I can think of. May 12 '15 at 5:02

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