I want to know how to enlarge a custom field checkbox. Its located on task page layout and I want to know where can I find the code to make the change, and what will bethe variable where I will make the change. Any help would be helpful.


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I can think of a pretty hacky way to do it.

Using this answer, I'd:

  1. Add a custom button/link to the task page.
  2. Make this button as described in the link - it's a self removed javascript package. The button will disappear after executing it's Javascript.
  3. In the Javascript in the button, find the element by the lkid_XXXXXXXXXXX id - (if a standard field, it'll have a nice readable id like reminder_set_checked.
  4. Modify it's css like this:


element.style['-ms-transform'] = 'scale(2)';
element.style['-moz-transform'] = 'scale(2)';
element.style['-webkit-transform'] = 'scale(2)';
element.style['-o-transform'] = 'scale(2)';
element.style['padding'] = '10px';


NOTE - name the button something descriptive like "Javascript Injector For Task Layout" so that people aren't scratching their heads about why the button is bigger.


Since you have mentioned task page layout, I am assuming that it is not a visualforce page. In that case you cannot enlarge checkbox using css. To be able to apply any custom style to components, it should be in a visualforce page.

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