I have created a dynamic tab panel.

I wish to style this tab panel's tabs. These might happen using custom css but custom css is working for static apex:tabPanel and not for dynamic tabs created using dynamic component. Following is the code I am using in my VF page:

     <apex:dynamicComponent componentValue="{!myTabPanel}" /> 

And in my controller, I am calling "myTabPanel" as:

public transient Component.Apex.TabPanel myTabPanel {get; set;}
public DynamicTabsControllerOpportunity() //constructor
    myTabPanel = new Component.Apex.TabPanel();

In the above mytabPanel I am adding the child tabs. I wish to style the tabs shown in the figure.

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When you create dynamic component you can also set the attributes of that tag in the class. You can view all the available attributes for apex:tabPanel here

Now let's say you have css class, tabPanel, defined in your page then you can set the same in the apexclass:

myTabPanel = new Component.Apex.TabPanel();
myTabPanel.headerClass = 'tabPanel';

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