Does there exist a comprehensive list of the apex:facet names for different objects, or at least a way to retrieve them? I'm starting to build visualforce pages for our org, but not knowing what I can reference where is a bit restrictive. I've seen the example at the bottom of the Visualforce Developer's Guide page for apex:datatable, and found reference to others such as name=start and name=stop, but nothing complete.

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There does not appear to be a list available, on stackoverflow found the following answer:

You cannot find a predefined names list for facets. because facets are relatiad to components. Every components supports different facets. e.g. h:datatable supports header and footer. primefaces datatable supports header, footer and emptyMessage facets. best way to find supportted facets you should look source code of component renderers. Primefaces DatatableRenderer, Mojarra TableRenderer

Another explanation on this forum states:

the name part of facet can be anything. For example if you are writing a tree component, when you instantiate each Node, you pass in a string. For a node name, like if you were writing a tree component to represent a file system, you would have 2 different kinds of nodes, namely, directory, and file. So to show each Node differently you use the facet tag.

Have a look at some tree examples if this doesn't make sense, hopefully the examples do.

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