I have a custom field called:

Trader__c on the Account object.

I want to write a formula for that field:

If Trader__c is empty, then copy the Name field of Account in.

I was thinking of entering the following formula into the Trader__c field, but it's not a formula field, so it doesn't allow me to do it.

IF(ISEMPTY(Trader__c),Trader__c == Name)

Any ideas how to do it? Tia.

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You have to use Workflow rule + field update to achieve this

  • Create a new workflow rule on Account
  • Give it a name & description
  • Select the Evaluation Criteria as the 3rd option
  • Specify the rule criteria as Trader equals (leave the value as blank)
  • Select the action as field update and choose Trader field as the field to be updated
  • Choose use formula to set the new value and Enter the formula as Name

here's some help on how to create workflow rule & field update

Creating Workflow Rules

Defining Field Updates

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