I am newbie & trying to integrate SaleForce into our existing APP, need help in getting the credentials after authenticating. I am using the latest Mobile SDK 3.2 I followed the Mobile SDK Development Guide. Requirement is to not to authenticate at launch. So as per the guide I used below method.

[[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager] loginWithCompletion:^(SFOAuthInfo *authInfo) {
           NSLog(@"SFCRM: Auth finished!");
       failure:^(SFOAuthInfo *authInfo, NSError *error) {
           NSLog(@"SFCRM:Auth failed: %@", error);

My authentication is successful, now how do I get the credentials, refresh_token etc? Do I need to implement SFAuthenticationManager or SFOAuthCoordinator delegate? In the app migration section its mentioned that, we don't need implement these delegate in the new mobileSDK.

Thanks, SKG.

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Able to get it work by implementing SFAuthenticationManagerDelegate.

Once authentication was successful, this below delegate function will be called with the credentials.

- (void)authManagerDidAuthenticate:(SFAuthenticationManager *)manager credentials:(SFOAuthCredentials *)credentials authInfo:(SFOAuthInfo *)info {
    NSLog (@"didAuthenticate %@", credentials);
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    Hey SKG, can you add a little more info about what you did to implement it? I know it's not that complicated but it'd be useful to have the info here for future readers.
    – Matt Lacey
    May 4, 2015 at 1:05

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