I have requirement to return sobject from Component's repeat loop to main page in which component is used. And in main VF page i want to just display the field and its value.

Note: all this happening on page Load.

I am not sure whether it's possible or not? Thanks In Advance.


It is possible. There's article describing how to achive that.

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    Please don't use link only answers. Include at least an overview of what you're linking to, in case the link later breaks. – sfdcfox May 1 '15 at 11:20

i got solution for this now , I used variable attribute from the component and in var attribute there is a type tag in which i selected Sobject and hence i was able to solve my problem. it was as simple.

So, From the VF page i can Access the value using value of "var" (new Attribute created in Component) which i passed in Component.

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