I'm looking to auto-populate my End date field in the Opportunity Object.

I have Start Date, End Date, and Opportunity Length (in months).

Please help? :)

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You can use date formula field for your use as suggested by CaspNZ

here is the answer for other person's reference

DATE( Year([start date])+floor((MONTH([start date]) + [# of months] - 1) / 12) , 

    mod(MONTH([start date]) + [# of months] -1, 12) + 1 , 

     day([start date])
) - 1

If you assume that all months are 30 days long, it's reasonably easy. You would define the formula as:

End_Date = Start_Date + (Opportunity_Length*30)

If you need something that takes into account the length of each month, then it's quite a bit harder.


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