Hi have a custom button named Manage_Activities in Account, I want to use it in Account detail VF page, where I have written the page using standard controller.

Can I use command button functionality? If so, how to use the action function here.

The package is has a URL for the button: /apex/Aspiro__ActivityManager?id={!Account.Id}

Please help, how do I achieve the above functionality?

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You'll need to use an apex:commandButton, example:

<apex:commandButton onclick="window.open('/apex/Aspiro__ActivityManager?id={!AccountId}','Aspiro Activity Manager','_blank');"/>
  • Of you can use URLFOR: {!URLFOR($Action.Account.~~API NAME OF BUTTON~~, account.id)}
    – Tim
    May 12, 2015 at 21:22

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