I need to launch SalesForce URLs from a non-SalesForce app to get things done. I can easily launch to login: h++ps://login.salesforce.com?un=myname@mycompany.com&pw=mypass

And once logged in, I can launch another URL to populate 3 fields. h++ps://na15.salesforce.com/003/e?con13=8887230515&name_lastcon2=Unknown&con10=18667230515

Both of these work just fine. But I want to do both operations. I have found that I can use this to login and populate one field: h++ps://login.salesforce.com?un=myname@mycompany.com&pw=mypass&startURL=https://na15.salesforce.com/003/e?con13=8887230515

But when I try to do anymore than one field - only the first field is populated. h++ps://login.salesforce.com?un=myname@mycompany.com&pw=mypass&startURL=https://na15.salesforce.com/003/e?con13=8887230515&name_lastcon2=Unknown&con10=18667230515

Is there a way to launch one URL that will login, redirect to a new Contact page and pre-populate more than 1 field?

Thanks - Scott


If you URL encode the start URL, then it will fill all fields. Note that you don't need to hard code the instance (na15.salesforce.com). A relative URL works just fine.


Note that there is a security risk with passing the username and password in the URL. Instead, your app should login to Salesforce, get a sessionid and then pass that and the retURL to frontdoor.jsp.

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