Can I use chatter to collaborate partners that are managing opportunity within a separate salesforce org?

Also, please explain a scenario if you have come across one.


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You are not able to connect salesforce orgs via chatter.


In case your SFDC org has a partner community you can create community users for your partners to manage opportunities with them together.


Chatter is not multi-org. Two possible solutions:

  • Build or buy a cross-org chatter solution. This essentially duplicates the chatter across orgs in a way which is transparent to the user. MakePositive is a partner which has developed a solution to do this.
  • Implement Partner Community and ask your partners to log into your org to drive that collaboration.

The MakePositive solution is technically sound but really only practicable for a small number or orgs.

DISCLAIMER - I work at Salesforce and in a previous role ran Sales Engineering for Chatter. All opinions my own etc...

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