I am checking whether Order OwnerId is changed or not in Process buider.If Changed update related records.

But getting below error when Order.Close_Date__c is updated through Workflow field update when Order.order_Status__c is set to Closed.

The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_old.OwnerId because it hasn't been set or assigned.

Here is the condition in process builder

enter image description here

It looks like Is Changed operator is added recently in Spring 15.

Is it something related to this idea which says process builder - Access to Owner Fields

Some helpful link1, link2

  • whats the criteria u used in immmediate actions of process builder to update related records ? .. "Updated record meets all conditions" or "No criteria, just update records" ??
    – sf_user
    Jan 23, 2017 at 3:13

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I think it's because it's a new order. There is no old value to compare against. Change the process builder criteria to a formula which makes sure it doesn't fire if it is new.

Ischanged( [Order].OwnerId) && ! Isnew() 

As an important side note, I often need to use formulas in process builder criteria for Ischanged and Isnew as Salesforce doesn't consider a new record to be a chanted record.


U may have to deactivate your workflow rule which is doing field update when Order.order_Status__c is set to Closed.

  • 1
    Your solution sounds like it might be able to help get around this error message, but I imagine that the workflow rule was doing something important and can't simply be deactivated.
    – martin
    Sep 10, 2015 at 7:32

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