My end goal is to create a triggered mailing in ExactTarget that fires when a user submits a Web2Lead form generated from Salesforce. Our integration between the too services (ET and SF) is in place and I am at the point of configuring the CampaignMember object for triggers.

I'm trying to use the steps on this ET documentation page to set it up in my Sandbox org, but it won't allow me to save the trigger because it returns a compile error: variable does not exist: et4ae5.triggerUtility

Salesforce support says ExactTarget needs to give me the correct variable, but I'm tired of waiting (getting the run-around) and this is rather urgent. Is anyone familiar with this issue and/or does anyone know how to resolve it?

Thanks! I'm a new admin so still learning!!

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That error can occur if attempting to setup the Apex Trigger (outline in Step 1 on the link provide) without having the latest version of the package installed.

Find the package version by going to Setup > Installed Packages, Find the entry for Marketing Cloud. If it shows something less than 5.41 then follow the link on this page to get the latest package:



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