I am trying to deep clone the objects. I got the code for deep cloning from a blog http://christopheralunlewis.blogspot.com/2012/04/clone-plus-clone-salesforce-objects.html which is working perfectly for me. I have parent object as opportunity and child object as Line_item__c. After clicking clone button i want to be redirected to edit page. So i replaced

return new PageReference('/' + headClone.Id);


return new PageReference('/' + headClone.Id + '/e');

But now it is redirecting me to home page on clicking save or cancel from edit page. Rather i would like to go detail page(which is a custom page) of newly cloned record on clicking save and old record detail page on clicking cancel.Please guide.


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Try this:

return new PageReference('/'+headClone.Id+'/e&retURL=%2Fapex/VFpageName?Id='+IdOfRecord

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