Here's my scenario: I need to create a basic search, based on the custom field "ZipCode__c".

User types in the zip code and then I have to use a WebService to retrieve the address information (non-US), filling some other Lead custom fields. The WebServices classes were created and everything is working just fine (I've tested it using the Developer Console and using a custom button, hardcoding the parameters), but now I have a few questions:

  • How to call this search (webservice) from the Lead Page using the ZipCode field as a parameter?
  • Can I place a custom button in front of the ZipCode field?
  • Is there a way to call the search method when the field lost focus?

I know how to do it in a Custom VisualForce Page, but not in a Standard Page (Lead). Any ideas?

Thank you for saving some time to give me a help. Best Regards, Matt.


I changed the approach of the solution. Now I'm using an in-line Visualforce Page to do the job:

How to make an in-line Visualforce Page to be displayed in the NEW LEAD standard page?

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