I have a custom object named CPQ_Request_for_Proposal__c, which has a lookup(Text) value for Account__c.

I'm trying to code a button which will use the value of Account__c to get actual Account object. The first alert() comes up. However, my code keeps returning "Unexpected Identifier" before the second alert() appears. I'm new to using JavaScript in a Salesforce context. I'm sure I'm doing something simple wrong, but I haven't been able to figure it out after searching for an answer for a while. What am I doing wrong in my code?


// Visual hint to the user that the processing has started this.disabled = true; 
this.className = "btnDisabled";

var clientSite = new sforce.SObject("Client_Site__c");  
var rfpId = '{!CPQ_Request_for_Proposal__c.Id}';   
= '{!CPQ_Request_for_Proposal__c.Id}';

alert ( 'RFP Id = ' + rfpId );

var accountId = '';

var accountId = '{!CPQ_Request_for_Proposal__c.Account__c}';

alert ( 'accountId = ' + accountId );

When you code merge fields into JavaScript, you should use JSENCODE to avoid quotes and apostrophes from breaking your code. It works like this:

var x = "{!JSENCODE(Field)}";

It would seem to me that you're getting the name of the account, and that name contains a quoting character, such as "Bob's Hardware and BBQ."


The answer was to use the Select Field Type and Insert Field pickers. That yielded the following syntax, which works:

var accountId = '{!CPQ_Request_for_Proposal__c.AccountId__c}';

This is interesting (to me, at least) in that there is no AccountId__c field on the CPQ_Request_for_Proposal__c object.

  • Yes AccountId__c can only be found in the dropdown that contains merge fields..while creating a custom button. Apr 20 '15 at 19:38

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