We have Activity object with OWD as private .. Accounts & Contacts with OWD as public ... Now the question I have is if I create a task under Account/Contact will the created task inherit the OWD of Account/Contact and become public ??

If yes ... I have a situation here ... We have an custom object called property with OWD as private and some sharing rules attached to it... Now If I create an task under Account/Contact and in the related to filed I relate it to this custom object.... Does my task here will inherit the custom object's private OWD and sharing rules??

Thanks for you replies !!

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A Task with with an OWD of private would still show up on the related activity list of the Accounts & Contacts with public (read or read/write) OWD, but the detail page for the Task wouldn't be accessible to anyone except the Owner of the Task. As a rule of thumb, for any record, the most restrictive permissions would be expected to prevail.

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