I have a action function in <ActionSupport> that populates the field values depending on the picklist value selected. When I select the option from the picklist the fields gets populate & get save properly. It's a form of 400 fields, so to save the partially filled form I'm bypassing the javascript validation using immediate="true" But if I enter other details in other input values & try to save the partially filled form, it doesn't give any error & the records gets save, but only the populated value is saved, the other details that I've entered is not getting saved.

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as u have used immediate="true" values which you are filling in field will not get posted to server. In this scenario you have to pass values using apex:param or Create JSON and then post it to server and then parse the JSON and save the values.

  • On populate function I have around 10-15 fields that are getting populated, after that still I have around 300 fields that need to be filled on that vf page as an input, so when I enter input in those fields it doesn't get save. Apr 20, 2015 at 6:33

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