I am creating a custom button that will update the Status field on the Case object to "Resolved". Before the field is updated, I would like to first check if the field already is set to "Resolved". If so, then I would alert the user. If not, the field update would carry on. I have the below code in place but I am receiving the error "ReferenceError: Case is not defined" when the button is selected. I believe I'm just missing a minor snippet of syntax - any help resolving this would be appreciated!

* Configuration: 
* Create new Detail Page Button for Account w/ Behavior "Execute JavaScript" 
* and Content Source "OnClick JavaScript" then add to page layout. 

try { 

var url = parent.location.href; 
var updateRecords = []; 
var update_Case = new sforce.SObject("Case__c"); 
update_Case.Id = "{!Case.Id}";  
update_Case.Status = 'Resolved'; 

if ({!Case.Status}) { 

alert("The Case Status is already resolved") 


else { 

result = sforce.connection.update(updateRecords); 

if ( !result[0].getBoolean("success") ) { 

var errors = result[0].errors; 
var errorMessages = errors.message; 
alert( errorMessages ); // display all validation errors 


else { 

alert("Request has been submitted"); 
parent.location.href = url; 




catch (e) { 

alert (e); 




You just need to wrap your field in quotes so that JavaScript properly interprets the merge output as a String:

if ("{!Case.Status}" === "Resolved") { 
   alert("The Case Status is already resolved") 

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