I was wondering if anyone has had any experience setting up a community using the new self-service templates. I personally have set-up Salesforce community in the past using the "Salesforce tabs + visualforce" template but I'm running into a bit of an issue with the new templates specifically Napili in my Sandbox org. I have a "Napili" templatized community but when I log in I land on a page that says URL No Longer Exists and the URL is in the form https://mycommunityname/name/s. In the Community Builder, I am unable to publish the "Home" page in order to test and see if the reason why I get the error is due to the page not being published. Anyone have any input or experience on this issue? Thanks.


I ended up creating a developer org and spinning up a new community with the Napili template. However, unlike in my sandbox, I was actually able to publish the Home page in my dev org from the Community Builder. I went back and logged in as a community user and everything worked fine - no more URL No Longer Exists.

  • Just as an update - since summer 15, you can now publish site pages in sandboxes. – sw6 - KTBFFH May 24 '15 at 4:59

Unfortunately, you can't publish a Community in a sandbox.

Partner Community User unable to login gets error- URL no longer exists

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