I picked up this trigger code yesterday and it works perfectly:

trigger OpportunityAutoUpdate on Opportunity (before insert)
   // get the ids of all the accounts
     Set<Id> accIds=new Set<Id>();
   for (Opportunity opp : trigger.new)

   // retrieve the accounts and owners
  List<Account> accs=[select id, OwnerId from Account where id in :accIds];
  Map<Id, Account> accById=new Map<Id, Account>();

   // iterate the opportunities, updating the opportunity owner to the account owner
   for (Opportunity opp : trigger.new)
       // any logic about when to do this - i.e. only if the current owner matches a
       // particular id goes here
      if (null!=opp.AccountId)
       }  }

I can not get it into our production Org as we only have 73% coverage.

Any ideas for writing a test class to help get this in?

Update: I found a way to get it in, how do I change the code so it only works if the opportunity owner if a Picklist value is selected?


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private class testforAccount 
static testMethod void unittest()    
              Account objAccount = new Account(Name = 'Test');
              insert objAccount;

              Opportunity objOpp = new Opportunity(Name='TestOppt', CloseDate=Date.today(), StageName='Open',  AccountId =objAccount.Id)
              insert objOpp;    } }

I would split out the first and last loops in your trigger into separate methods and write tests for those

  • one for the loop that builds the list of Ids given a list of SObjects,
  • one that takes a list of opportunities and a map of Id, Account and sets the owner Id, per your second loop.

Note: you can create the map accById like this

Map<Id, Account> accById = new Map<Id, Account>(accs);

thus eliminating the .putAll() call.

By the time you've done that, your trigger itself will be just four lines long, your unit test coverage will be a lot higher and and you will have some reusable code as a bonus.


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