I have a component listing all my users and for each user there is a edit button which will trigger an application event to set the content (as seen here) of the userItem to allow the input by the user.

As I understand it, my event is on a application level, each component handling this event will respond if the event is fired. As I want to edit a user at a time on my list, my approach isn't good.

So how do I do to fire an event for a single component which is displayed multiple times but for different instances ?

Thank you

I realize I have to use component events, as they do not interfere with others components. Can someone show me an example for my context ?

Thanks in advance.

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For anyone wondering, you just have to set body of the item you want to change, see below for an example

Provided you have a button which will trigger the function navToUserEdit

navToUserEdit : function(component, event) {
    var destination = "markup://c:userEdit";
    $A.componentService.newComponentAsync(this, function(item) {
        var content = component.find("content");
        content.set("v.body", item);
    }, {
        componentDef: destination,
        attributes: {
            values: {
                userFromEvent: "{!v.user}"
    }, component);

With the newComponentAsync, I can send the attribute user to the userEdit component, and now I can manage its behaviour for editing purposes.

Note that the destination is hardcoded, it's not an event either, but it does the trick.

Also, if you're on the one/one.app, you don't have to do that, just use the navigateToComponent featured in Salesforce1, as seen here

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