getting the error

Method does not exist or incorrect signature: [Messaging.SingleEmailMessage].setBCCaddress(List)

from the code

public PageReference show() 
    messaging.singleemailmessage mail=new messaging.singleemailmessage();
    string[] tobcc=new string[]{'sfdccharan@gmail.com','nchnaidu12@gmail.com'};
    string[] tocc= new string[]{'narracharan4@gmail.com'};
    string[] to=new string[]{'charansfdc511@gmail.com'};
    mail.setplaintextbody('Hai CharanKumar Narra');
    mail.sethtmlbody('<h1> this is an test html</h1>');
    messaging.sendemail(new messaging.singleemailmessage[]{mail});

        return null;

You should use setBccAddresses(List<String>) instead of setBccAddress(List<String>). You are missing es from the end of the function name.

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