For users in Communities, we want to change their User reputation points with code (Apex). How do I do this?


I did this during a migration from JiveX to Salesforce Community Cloud. You can use the Chatter API (ConnectApi) with Apex to achieve what you're doing. I assume you mean Apex when you say code?

You can use the Chatter API (ConnectApi) ConnectApi.Reputation class. It has two descriptive properties:

  • reputationLevel (a reference to a ConnectApi.ReputationLevel), and
  • reputationPoints (a Double that holds the actual number of points the user possesses)

as well as a String property that contains a URL to the reputation.

Additionally, there is a ReputationPointsRule class that contains information on the out-of-box activites that award points.


In addition to Bri's answer (which I recommend), there is an alternative to using the ConnectApi, which is to update the NetworkMember record for a user directly in apex. ReputationPoints is a field that resides on NetworkMember and is updateable.

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