Here's the user story:

What I want to do is send out an email to an Account/ Contact and ask them if their information in an email template is correct. If it is, let us know, and if not update what's wrong.

Implementation idea:

I want to give them a link to a webform where they can update their information. It can be blank, and they update only the things that are needed, or give them a box to confirm their info is right. When they submit the form, I want to include the ID that's in the paramater to hit salesforce. I assme I do this by javascript window.location.href and set it to a hidden variable on the web to lead.

When the Web to lead form hits SF, I'd do a SOQL on the Account/Contact and make the updates, and then delete the lead. This seems Hackish...

Is there a better and cheap way to do this? Communities would be too expensive for this.

  • May be a silly question, but what's the advantage of using Web-to-lead here? If you're going to be having them filling out a form anyway, why not just apply your changes with the API directly to the Account/Contact? Apr 8, 2015 at 15:44

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Your use case has been implemented by SFDC as default functionality. look at "stay-in-touch"requests. I have this setup in my org for 210 users.



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