Salesforce seems to lack a security model around a records and their children as it pertains to Chatter groups (Salesforce user groups have one).

Chatter groups can't own sObjects that secures them from access by non-group members.

Do people just avoid using chatter groups to collaborate around sObjects? Or do they implement standard groups whenever they need security around an object?


  • why wounldn't you do the collab on the sobject record itself? – superfell Aug 21 '12 at 16:35

Jordan, Very good question. It's been awhile since I've worked on Chatter groups, but I recall the same limitation. Our solution, as you suggest, was to "link" the Chatter groups to a standard group and control sharing access that way.

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This is a big problem with Chatter that is affecting both customer adoption and the options for developers building Chatter-integrated apps.

Please vote for the idea to get it fixed and hopefully we can get some attention from Salesforce.

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