I modified a Link(Javascript) on the Account Object directly in my org.

I want to get this change in my eclipse, so that I push this to my Git branch.

When I right click inside the file in eclipse(force IDE) and select refresh from server,it does nothing.

I even tried Synchronize with server and same result.

How do you guys in these kind of situations?? Directly edit the objects in eclipse or in your respective org..

I am little confused here on what is the flow to follow here in a team so that I can send my changes to others.

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The IDE has a lot of issues, and correctly refreshing them is one of them.

Right click your project -> Add/Remove Metadata components.

Click on Add/Remove. Once the list comes up, hit the Refresh button in the top right corner. After that hit 'Ok' then 'Apply' then 'Ok'. It should update it.

  • @ram Great! If it works you should mark it as your answer.
    – dphil
    Mar 30, 2015 at 20:13

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