I have a formula field which , when I'm pulling to page layout is not showing up at all. i.e the field itself is not showing up ,let alone value.

Also , when I'm querying the field in a controller , it's saying : No such column 'ABCD__c' on entity 'PAC__c'.

Please suggest.


looks like your Field Level Security (FLS) has not been setup correctly. Even though you made your field available on a page layout, the FLS must be enabled for your profile to be able to see the field on the page layout and on a query.

So have a look at the field again, click on button 'Set Field Level Security', enable it for your profile and you should be good to go!

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    That solved it . Should have thought about it in first place ! – Vanilla_Sky Mar 27 '15 at 7:03

Do you have permission to access that field. Go to create --> object --> Pac --> Select your field. Then Set Field-Level Security and make sure it is visible to your profile. Thanks

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