Following the importing of a flat file from the ExactTarget FTP on step one in an automation, on step two of the automation, we are using a server-side javascript activity to update Salesforce Objects using that data. We know that AMPScript has a few built-in functions to work with salesforce objects. Still, we want focus on SOAP API or Server-side JavaScript handling this request.

What function(s) in the server-side javascript library are able to update a Salesforce CRM object?

If there are no functions in server-side javascript yet that can work with Salesforce CRM objects, can server-side javascript call the UpdateSalesforceObject function in AMPScript directly? Or alternatively, can server-side javascript call a method of the Salesforce Connector API?

Our goal is to use a server-side javascript activity to directly update a Salesforce object.

Thanks, Michael

  • Have you been through this article?
    – abhi
    Mar 25 '15 at 17:32
  • Hi Michael, could you tell me how to resolves this point with SSJ? I`m now reseaching on it too.
    – Leisure
    Oct 26 '15 at 3:17
  • Someone did a proof of concept with using a landing page that is coded with the necessary ampscript functions to update salesforce objects and this landing page was called into the SSJS activity thereby executing the AMPScript code.
    – Axiom
    Oct 27 '15 at 13:46

What happens when you try something like this?:

var @result
set @result = UpdateSingleSalesforceObject("Lead","00300003yAEj","Email","jcc@example.com")

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