If the queue does not contains parent Object as supported Object but doesnot contains childObject as supported Object user can set Queue as approver for a approval process created on child Object. But same does not works with API.

Steps for replication

  1. Create a parent object 'ParentObj__c'.
  2. Create a child Object'ChildObj__c' with Parent as 'ParentObj__c'.
  3. Create a queue 'TestQueue' and add 'ParentObj__c' to its list of supported Objects.
  4. Create a approval process on 'childobj__c' using UI. ApprocalProcess -> Approval Process Jump Start Wizard -> Select Approver -> automatically assign to queue. -> Select TestQueue from Lookup -> Save
  5. Approval process is created successfully
  6. When the same approval process 'childobj__c.a1.approvalProcess' is create using Metadata API, Approval process is not created. The user gets the below error :- ' Approval step Step_1 references Test_Queue, which doesn't exist as a queue .'

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Well, after setting the bounty I tried some other things. Turns out the queue didn't have the proper sObject assigned.

So, for instance, if you want to have an approval process on a custom object, make sure that object is selected in the Supported Objects section on the Edit page of the queue. Note that detail parts of master-detail relationship are not selectable, you have to select the parent.

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