By using of salesforce sidepanel in outlook,I am adding single inbox email to single salesforce contact only but my requirement is add inbox email to multiple salesforce contacts.Right now i am using salesforce for outlook 2.7 version.

  • When ever we send an email to Salesforce Contacts is added as a task in activity history,this thing will happens when we add in sending email BCC to "Email to Salesforce Address (emailtosalesforce@1umuq3lif1eoi6kkv401osnf2g73gff1vbcnx47e5iwlh4g475.e-5ullaeao.cs15.le.sandbox.salesforce.com)".is there any possibility without adding BCC in Outlook Email then added email in Salesforce Contact activity history....?
    Mar 20 '15 at 15:03

Standard Salesforce for Outlook 2.7 doesn't have this feature. You may try 3rd party app from Appexchange. These 3 apps have good reviews: ContactMonkey, LinkPoint, Yesware

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