I have a custom object based on the record Created time, I am trying to derive a formula to check whether it's in AM or PM time zone. But due to some UTC conversion issues I am getting a different time in formula.

The formula :

IF( (VALUE(RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(Call_Datetime_vod__c) , 13),2)) > 12.00) , 'PM', 'AM')

Suppose, 2015-03-17T09:46:41.000Z is my datetime value in system field, I am getting 08 as hour value in my formula field and hence the calculation is getting wrong when the system field's hour is 13 I am getting it as 12.

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I think you need to confirm your assertion that the hour is returned incorrectly. If you create a text formula field for RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(CreatedDate),16),5), you will see the GMT hour and minute. Temporarily set your timezone to GMT and confirm with the contact screen and/or your custom object screen.

The problem I find with your AM/PM conversion is the ">" should be ">=" IF( (VALUE(RIGHT(LEFT(TEXT(Call_Datetime_vod__c) , 13),2)) >= 12.00) , 'PM', 'AM') Everything during the 12 hour is PM and your only reading the hour, so you aren't > 12.00 until 13.

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