I kind of understand the difference between a record type and a business process. But, I am not comfortable with my understanding.

Can a record type be a part of (or associated with) many business processes?

  • Munira, what would you consider a "business process" ? A technical or business meaning ? Clarifying this, will make it easier to understand your confusing and provide you with a clear answer. Commented Mar 17, 2015 at 17:02

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Each record type may have one business process. A business process many participate in many record types.


You can certainly design your record types based on your company's business processes. Whether you associate one/many record types to one/many business processes is up to your unique requirements.

Personally, I would begin by outlining the basic functionalities that record types provide. Generally, they give the ability to:

  • associate different page layouts, which can be associated to different profiles.
  • associate default record types to different profiles.
  • offer different picklist values.

If it looks like my requirements could benefit from the above functionalities, then I would definitely consider record types.

Hope that helps.

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