1.- Create an object called A, with a date field called DateA - Create an object called B, with a lookup field to A and a date field called DateB

2.- Create a trigger that will set the DateA field as the highest of the children's DateB field

3.- Create a VF page that will receive the id of an A object and will allow you to mass edit the DateB fields on the child B objects, in a table .

I have done the 1.st point, I have created an object called A with a date field called DateA and I have created another object called B with a lookup field to A and a date field called DateB. I learn triggers from youtube but this is something which I dont find anywhere,so I have difficulty at the 2nd and the 3rd point. Any suggestion or help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


for #2, why have a trigger? If you only want the highest date from your child records - you can use a rollup summary field. You can take the "MAX" option returning for the date field you want which will give you the highest date among all the child records.

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