I created a Visualforce page and put it into Salesforce1 using global action. The page automatically comes with a header bar with save/cancel button. How do I remove that? I tried showheader="false" in the VisualForce page, and the header still shows.

My Visualforce Page looks something like

<apex:page controller="MobileSearchParcel" showHeader="false">
    <h3 class="card-header"><span class="header-label">Parcel Search</span></h3>
    <apex:form > 
        // My form goes here

These are the button I want to get rid of on my Salesforce1,

enter image description here

  • Any luck with this?
    – Sam
    Apr 24, 2015 at 6:13
  • After re-reading the pdf found out a way to use the save button using the publisher.js file. But still haven't found a way to hide the buttons...
    – Sam
    Apr 24, 2015 at 15:14

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In Summer '15 you'll be able to hide the header in Visualforce custom actions using the showQuickActionVfHeader attribute. As per the Summer '15 Release Notes:

To hide the header, add showQuickActionVfHeader=“false” to the <apex:page> tag of the custom action’s Visualforce page. When the Visualforce custom action renders in Salesforce1, the header and the Cancel and Save buttons are hidden. Using this attribute doesn’t affect how the action displays in the full Salesforce site.

If you don’t specify showQuickActionVfHeader, its value defaults to true.

The showQuickActionVfHeader attribute isn’t supported in communities.


Here are few things to consider. I am sorry I don't have enough points to comment, so I am writing as Answer.

  1. If you are using Object in the page, try removing edit access to the Object. Not a promising solution, sometime works!

  2. I used your Visualforce code to create a page and created a Visualforce tab in my org and added the tab in Salesforce1 Navigation Menu. I was able to open the page without any Save and Cancel buttons.

Let me know if it helps! Cheers!

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