I would like to use Trigger Ready Flows - whenever Status updates from A to B on a case, The Case Owner will be auto-added as a Member on the Case Team. I know that this is possible with a trigger but I would like to use point /click customisation if possible. Any ideas on how this could be completed with Flow /Process Builder?

  • What have you tried so far? There is no reason why you couldn't have a flow create a case team member on a case. And fire that flow from a Process Builder that is triggered when the status changes from A to B. – JimRae Mar 13 '15 at 17:47
  • Yes you can create a case team member, I just looked at my Flow sObjects and caseTeamMember is there, screencast.com/t/qZVPDDhN. Unsure if Process builder can get to it, but I don't see why not since it's built on top of Flow. Either way you can call a flow from the Process Builder. – Fifedog Mar 14 '15 at 0:29
  • Fifedog or Clehan1, could you detail the solution you used to make this happen. I have been trying to add the case creator to case team with no avail... Thank you! – user25181 Oct 3 '15 at 22:10

Just going to repeat my comment since I believe this does answer your question. I just looked at my Flow sObjects and caseTeamMember is there, screenshot. You should have no troubles building what you need with Process Builder and/or Flow.

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  • I can see with the Flow that it is possible to create the case team, but is there a way that I can pass parameters (RoleID, ParentID) using the Process Builder? This would be possible with using a custom button but I cannot see how to do so with Process Builder? – Clehan1 Mar 16 '15 at 13:08
  • I think you'll need to use Flows and a Flow trigger. The Flow will hold your logic of creation of the related case team. Your Flow trigger will pass in those parameters. Set up a new workflow rule and then for your action select flow trigger. From there it will ask about what parameters to pass in. – Fifedog Mar 17 '15 at 14:57
  • Unfortunately, Flow Triggers are no longer in Dev orgs. I believe Salesforce are fading them out to focus on using just Process Builder. – Clehan1 Mar 17 '15 at 15:56
  • Hum... I do see that now I'm in my dev org... that's odd. let me try and dig a little, hope to get back to you later today. – Fifedog Mar 17 '15 at 16:04
  • OK after a bit of digging you're right it does seem Salesforce is going towards PB instead of flow triggers. That said here is a screen shot of my PB when I've selected a flow: link This should give you what you need? – Fifedog Mar 17 '15 at 16:16

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