I want to export record(Contact) with image(attachment ) into ftp folder. The export format for record are excel, xml and txt. Image in the form of jpeg. Each record should have separate file. For example, if i have 2 contacts and their images. I should create folder with below structure. enter image description here

The request should trigger from salesforce on button click as filter condition are different each time and its a user input. We tried with data loader. problem with that is i cant export attachment with filter condition which is on contact. Report exports image as url link.

So I have couple options in mind. integration tools like boomi , SSIS. Or build custom

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Salesforce is a cloud platform, with rich SOAP and REST API support. But there's no such thing as disk-space or (S)FTP Support, as this does not fit in with the platform's design or wouldn't scale as well.

You'll need middle-ware (ETL) tools which are specifically designed to do this type of thing. For instance:

  • dell boomi
  • mulesoft
  • informatica
  • .. google for more.

Alternatively you could script/custom develop something on a server somewhere for your specific requirements using the salesforce API's. You'll most likely want to use the SOAP API or Bulk API.

For more general info, have a look at the Integration page


We have app on support your requirements on FTP Attachments developed by Enzigma, can you check on appexchange.


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