I've gone under Rename Tabs and Labels to rename the standard Type field on the Account object to something different. It allows me to rename it, but the name is still Type on my standard detail page.

Any ideas on how to make the new name show up on the detail page (both view and edit)?

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The problem was I was changing the built-in Account.Type field label, and the Type field showing on the page was Type__c. The built-in Type field is not on the page and both fields are picklists and both fields have the same exact label value.


what you have done is right , I just did it in my org and it showed up with right label . I did following :

Rename Tabs and Labels >> Click edit next to Account >> click next >> find type ( there is Type and Account Type ywo fields) >> rename Type to type 1 and save it.

It showed in list views and detail pages.

  • Yeh, this is exactly what I did and it did not work. I know it should work, but the fact is, it is not working in my org. I guess I need to open a support ticket. Mar 11, 2015 at 12:41

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