Is there a queryable ressource through the API from a Salesforce sandbox instance that can return the related production environment organization ID?


I don't think this is really an answer to the question as asked, but it is an effective workaround....

  1. Create a Hierarchy Custom Setting called "Production Org Ids".
  2. Add two custom fields, Org_Id_15_char__c, and Org_Id_18_char__c.
  3. Populate the Default Organization Level Value with your Production Org Id's 15 and 18 character values.

Why a custom setting? So it gets faithfully re-created in your Sandbox, AND so you can populate the values using Apex in your unit tests.

Why a Hierarchy type Custom Setting? So it's available for Process Builder, Workflow Rules, and Formula fields.

I this is the basis of a design pattern I call "Instance Awareness". By comparing the Custom Setting to UserInfo.getOrganizationId() we can ascertain whether or not the code is running in a Production Org or not.

I use this technique to ensure that API calls made from a Sandbox don't ever go to a Production endpoint.


Got production org id by parsing Deployment Settings page right from apex code:

// get content of 'Deployment Connections' page from setup
String pageContent = new PageReference('/changemgmt/deploymentSettings.apexp').getContent().toString();

// regex to parse producion org id from html table markup
Pattern productionOrgIdRegEx = Pattern.compile('(?i)/changemgmt/deployConnectionDetailPage.apexp?id=(\\w+)');

Matcher matcher = productionOrgIdRegEx.matcher(pageContent);

String productionOrgId = 


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