Using a custom formula field, I would like to convert Salesforce standard date (05/03/15) to 05 - March 2015. Any ideas?


Have a look at Using Date and Date/Time Values in Formulas.

In particular, Converting Between Date and Text and Displaying the Month as a String Instead of a Number.

There are sufficient examples there to format the data as you require.


This is an easy way to parse the Date to String in a formula and give the format you need:

IF(DAY(ContractStartDate__c) > 9, TEXT(DAY(ContractStartDate__c)), "0" + 
TEXT(DAY(ContractStartDate__c))) +"/" + 
IF(MONTH(ContractStartDate__c) > 9, TEXT(MONTH(ContractStartDate__c)), "0" + 
TEXT(MONTH(ContractStartDate__c))) +"/" + 

Hope it help.

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