I am trying out few Lightning stuff and as a part of that I added namespace to my Developer edition. After doing this I realized that all my preexisting custom object's API name is now prefixed with the namespace. e.g. object name before adding namespae - MyCustomObject__c object name after adding namespace - MyNamespace__MyCustomObject__c

My existing Apex code which is using MyCustomObject__c is working fine. But any new query that I am firing from dev console requires me to add namespace prefix.

my questions is -

what is the impact of adding namespace ? 1. Do we need to revisit all apex code/soql query ? 2. Do we need to recreate enterprise WSDL and correct SOAP API calls ?

Any insight on this would be very helpful.

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    FYI - as of Spring '15 Lightning no longer requires a namespace.
    – Mike Chale
    Mar 8 '15 at 1:09
  • Correct Mike. but I realized that after adding the namespace and now I can't undo it.
    – apn
    Mar 8 '15 at 1:31

Typically you don't have to revisit all of your code. Most things will continue to run after the prefix is added.

But most doesn't mean all. I found these points requiring modifications:

  • Objects accessed via API
  • as a consequence existing integrations and ETL processes
  • Metadata accessed via API including use of Metadata Service.cls for APEX
  • Usage of Ajax Toolkit
  • JavaScript Remoting for Apex Controllers (at least where I used alternate syntax)
  • places where I heavily used Schema methods together with SObject.get() and dynamic SOQL e.g. for this baby here: Howto wildcard SELECT * to query all fields of objects in APEX?
  • this list is likely incomplete. Additions are welcome!

What I try to do is wherever possible to write code that runs with and without namespace and I pay a lot of attention never to hardcode any namespace reference.

With a bit effort you'll get all references dynamically prefixed. Mind that in JS you have to do it at some places with 'prefix.' and in Apex or API typically with 'prefix__'

If you hardcode that you loose portability, meaning you can't just copy or deploy all of your code to a different Org. And this can be serious.

For lightning I asked this question which was answer by Doug and Peter and should cover most aspects.

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