I'm using Database.update in my batch class. This is wrapped around by a try/catch block. When I run the batch job some error occurs which is caught as I'm throwing a custom exception and catching it. But the 'finish' method from my batch class doesn't get invoked at all. Why is that? What am I doing wrong here? below is my code from my execute method. I'm able to reach till

System.debug('Errors size-'+updateErrors.size(); 


    List<Contact> contacts = new List<Contact>();          
    updateResult = Database.update(contacts ,false);          
    for(Database.SaveResult ir : updateResult ){ 
         throw new ContactUpdateException('Contact UpdateException:'); 
catch(ContactUpdateException e){          
     for (Database.SaveResult ir : updateResult ) {  
         //Operation failed, so get all errors    
           for(Database.Error err : ir.getErrors()){ 
              Error = 'Failed Store --'+ '  ' + ir.getId();
              System.debug('Errors size-'+updateErrors.size();
catch(Exception e){}   

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