we are having an issue with using two (identical) Custom Activities in the same Interaction. The inArguments are passed from Journey Builder to the first Interaction in the execute request, the activity runs then passes back a 200 status code response (for the execute request) to Journey Builder, but the second Custom Activity in the workflow is never executed by Journey Builder. That is, we never receive a second execute request from Journey Builder for the second Custom Activity.

I've tested this using the custom-activity-deskapi-node sample application with the Desk.com Create Case custom activities and these work correctly; when Contacts enter the Interaction, a new case is created in Desk.com by the first Custom Activity, then a minute later (the wait period is set to one min) a second new case is created in Desk.com by the subsequent (identical) Custom Activity.

I'm just trying to figure out why we don't receive an execute request with our Custom Activities.

The only difference that I can see is that we're not passing any outArguments back in our response payload to the execute request. We just return a 200 HTTP status code response. Could this be the issue? Does Journey Builder always expect to receive outArguments in the response payload from the execute request?

  • When you go into JB / Admin / Contacts, what trace messages do you see? Mar 5, 2015 at 15:48

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I tested this but it worked for me. I put two Create Case activities on an interaction at minute 0 and minute 1. Both Desk.com cases were created. According to my heroku logs, the execute route is being called twice.

heroku logs -n 200

You can also verify this by hitting the getActivityData route:

https://[your sub domain].herokuapp.com/getActivityData

No, JB does not always expect to receive outArguments. It will look for them if you include them in the config.json.

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